How to join

Firstly join IAM Roadsmart and enrol on the Advanced Rider Course at a cost of £149. You will start as an Associate until you have passed the test, when you will become a Full Member.  In brief this one-off fee covers:

  • Membership of IAM Roadsmart for 12 months

  • Membership of CVAM for up to 12 months

  • The cost of the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Motorcycle Test

  • Theory Sessions on the principles of advanced riding

  • As many observed rides as are required

  • The quarterly IAM Roadsmart Advanced Driving Magazine

You can apply directly online for IAM Roadsmart membership at www.iamroadsmart.com and state CVAM as your preferred group.


Contact CVAM direct

Alternatively come along to one of our events, check us out and sign up with us directly if you wish. ** If you sign up for the Advanced Rider Course with us directly at an event we can often give a 10% discount on the course fee ** (Please contact us in advance if you want to take up this offer to make sure we are able to do that at the specific event)

You can also contact us direct via our Contact form and request further details from our Membership Secretary.