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How to join

There are several ways to start your advanced rider training:

1) Via IAM

Visit the IAM Roadsmart website here, purchase an “Advanced Rider” course, and specify Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists (CVAM) as your preferred local group.

2) Contact us directly

3) Take a “taster ride”

If you’re unsure whether an Advanced course is for you, book an taster ride with us; this is a one-to-one observed ride with an observer.  It last approximately ½ hour during which the Observer will follow you and assess your riding skills. They will then give you a short demonstration ride and debrief at the end. We do not charge for this ride as the aim is to show you what the IAM course could do for you should you wish to undertake it, and at the very least to help you become a safer rider.

To request a taster ride please complete a Contact Form or speak to us at one of the public events we attend.


All you need to do is make sure you meet the requirements, for example having a full motorbike licence, your own suitable bike and riding gear.


Whichever method you choose, you will start as an Associate until you have passed the test, when you will become a Full Member.  In brief this one-off fee covers:

  • Membership of IAM Roadsmart for 12 months

  • Membership of CVAM for 12 months

  • The cost of the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Motorcycle Test

  • Theory Sessions on the principles of advanced riding

  • As many one-to-one observed rides as are required

  • The quarterly IAM Roadsmart Advanced Driving Magazine

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