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Ad Hoc Courses



We offer ½ day classroom theory days, where we discuss the theory behind positioning, planning and awareness, the system of motorcycle control, cornering and balance, acceleration and braking to name but a few.

Slow riding

These are separate sessions, held throughout the year usually at weekends and generally last ½ day.  The Basic slow speed training covers controlling the motorcycle at walking pace, ‘U’ turns, and figure of eight. The Advanced slow speed training takes the basic skills to a new level using Motorcycle “Gymkhana” layouts of ever-increasing difficulty.

Back to Biking

If you hold a full motorcycle licence but have not ridden for some time this is the course you need.

Our Observer’s skills and excellent levels of communication come into their own here as they have the right balance of confidence building and constant assessment of your progress during the day.

The course will be designed to suit your particular needs and you decide the starting point, the Observers work with you to achieve the maximum level you can reach over the duration of your course.



We all suffer from skills degradation over time and slip into old habits. On request we can provide full members with an Observer, who will ride out with you as often as you both agree is necessary to smooth the edges of your riding and bring you back to the smooth, progressive rider you wish to be.

Your Observer is a volunteer, so we politely request you contribute £10 per ride towards their petrol costs.

Group Riding and Leading

We offer Group Riding training to all members and associates who would like to take part in our managed group rides but are a little nervous of riding in a group of advanced riders, or who haven’t ridden in groups before.

The training will include all aspects of riding in a group, including behaviour and our ride policy.  The training will include a ride using both the “drop off system” which keeps the group together and flowing, arriving at the set destination.

We also offer training to any members who wish to Lead or be Tail-end Charlie in a group ride.  This training will include route and destination choices, how to be an effective ride leader, how to brief the group etc.  The training will also include practical ride leading training with small groups of volunteers.

First Aid – Biker Down Training

In partnership with Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue, FREE Biker Down training comprises a couple of brief classroom sessions with the main training consisting of hands-on sessions covering the following topics:

  • Initial scene management – advice from emergency service personnel on how to protect a casualty and other road users who may have stopped to assist.

  • First aid for motorcyclists – a motorcycle specific section, looking at basic lifesaving skills such as CPR, airway management and helmet removal (when & how).

  • The science of being seen – a session looking at conspicuity issues and the classic ‘Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You’ situations

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