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How Advanced Training Works


What are advanced riding courses?

The IAM Advanced motorbike course helps you to build your skills and confidence after you’ve passed your motorbike test, but getting extra qualifications can also reduce your motorcycle insurance premiums. 


How do advanced rider qualifications improve your riding?

You’ll be taught how to improve your everyday riding techniques and how to spot potential hazards. Your Observer will help you develop your awareness of your bike and surroundings and how to make safer decisions. This will minimise the risks you’ll take and allow you to relax and be more confident while riding your bike.


How do I get an advanced rider qualification?

Please visit this page.

There are several ways to start your advanced rider training:

- Via IAM

Visit the IAM Roadsmart website ( ), purchase an “Advanced Rider” course, and specify Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists (CVAM) as your preferred local group.

- Express your interest in the IAM advanced motorcycle course by contacting us directly

- Take a “taster ride”

If you’re unsure whether an Advanced course is for you, book an taster ride with us; this is a one-to-one observed ride with an observer.  It last approximately ½ hour during which the Observer will follow you and assess your riding skills. They will then give you a short demonstration ride and debrief at the end. We do not charge for this ride as the aim is to show you what the IAM course could do for you should you wish to undertake it, and at the very least to help you become a safer rider.

To request a taster ride please complete a Contact Form or speak to us at one of the public events we attend.


All you need to do is make sure you meet the requirements, for example having a full motorbike licence, your own suitable bike and riding gear.



Once you have enrolled in an Advanced course, you’ll be given one to one training and support, which will eventually lead to your advanced test and your Advanced motorcyclist qualification.

Can advanced rider qualifications save you money?

If you’ve gained an advanced rider qualification, some insurers will give you a discount on your premiums because it proves to them that you’re a safer rider. For some riders, it will be a more significant cost reduction than for others.

For example, if you’re a young or new biker your premium will be particularly expensive because you have no evidence of claim-free driving, so an advanced rider course could make a big discount to your insurance costs.

Other benefits

An insurance discount isn’t the only reason to take an advanced rider course. Your control, handling and abilities on the bike will improve and you’ll learn to deal better with all kinds of weather, traffic and unexpected road conditions.


All this will make your motorcycling safer, more relaxing, rewarding and ultimately enjoyable.

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