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Structured Courses


Advanced Rider Course

We deliver the IAM Roadsmart course on a one to one basis with a qualified Observer. You will have an initial meeting and briefing, where your Observer will get to know you and your riding goals.

Your first ride will be your initial assessment ride; this will allow your Observer to have a better understanding of your skills, and they will also give you a demonstration ride.

After each ride your Observer will debrief you on that ride, provide you with a written report and discuss with you your training programme and preparation for the next ride.

The number of Observed rides you need to achieve the IAM Roadsmart test standard varies with every rider, but no matter how long it takes your Observer will safely steer you in the right direction.

When your Observer and you decide that you are ready for your IAM Test, then we will arrange a pre-test ride with another Observer to fine-tune your skills.

We ask that Associates practice what they have learnt between rides, in order to hone their Advanced riding techniques.

The overall aim of the course is to make you a smoother, safer, more efficient and stylish rider.

Your Observer is a volunteer, so we politely request you contribute £10 per ride towards their petrol costs.

Fellow Advanced Rider Course

If you join under the Fellowship programme, then you will follow the same path as the standard Advanced Rider Course.


The difference is that every three years you are offered a reassessment and pre-test ride with a CVAM National Observer in order to maintain your Advanced riding qualification.


If you want to achieve the highest civilian level of riding why not enrol on the Masters programme. We offer all the training, mentoring and support to help you achieve your Masters qualification.

Trainee Observer

Under training to become a National Observer.

National Observer

You will get 1-2-1 tuition and a pre-test ride, before taking your National Observer test with an IAM appointed examiner.

See also our Development Tree.

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