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  • Annual Subscriptions - please don't pay just yet!

    We have just opened a new bank account so please could all members hold off subscription renewal until we distribute the new bank account details. This will be during August, to allow time for your renewals due on 1st September. Any questions please email the Treasurer at

  • Chair's April 21 update

    The Current situation – More Committee Members Needed! On 29th March we held our delayed AGM using the online meetings app, Zoom. The Committee was elected and the new committee held an inaugural meeting on 27th April. Whilst we have enough key committee members to see the group through the next few months, I must be clear that we will need to co-opt additional members if we are to continue activities successfully. Committee meetings will continue to have an online option to minimise the time commitments. I think the committee will work well when each person has a manageable workload rather than a few people taking on most of the tasks, as is the case at the moment. In particular we require a person to take over organising the social events and Super Saturdays recruitment sessions at Helmet City. We would also welcome people who would like to get involved in the future so we can develop our succession planning. Please do get in touch with me if you think you may be able to help: a full committee, with member support, really is essential for the success of the group. You may have seen the minutes for the recent AGM, we welcome new committee members Peter Beange, who has taken over the role of Club Treasurer from Pete Ford who has done an exceptional job over the last three years, and Bill Blanchard, who is working with our current rides coordinator, Phil Scovell, and will be organising mid-week rides for the club. Looking forward CVAM Subscriptions If you have not already done so, please set up a direct debit for your membership. Collecting membership fees is a very time-consuming task and using direct debits frees up a huge amount of committee time for other activities. If you need information on how to set this up, please contact our treasurer, Peter Beange, via the club website. Resuming Advanced Rider Training The guidance from IAM head office has been that associate training must be our priority as soon as activities resume. We need to acknowledge that many of our observers, myself included, have not been riding very much, and our skills may have declined. The first step was, therefore, to run observer peer to peer quality assurance cross checks. A cross check is a requirement for an observer who wishes to resume training as we must ensure our skill levels are at a high standard. Once the observer checks are complete we can resume associate training and have already done so with some associates. We have organised a ‘crammer’ weekend, taking place on 29/30 May, to fast-track associates to their test. If you are a member who aspires to become a Local Observer, please come along and assist and join our current observers as a trainee. Likewise, if any members would like a refresher ride, please let us know and we can arrange this for you. The weekend is being held at our recently sourced training venue in Rooksbridge. Please contact me for more details if you would like to assist or would like a refresher. Club Rides Phil Scovell, Rides Coordinator, is planning the first club ride on Sunday 23rd May. Whilst we are limited to 30 riders, including pillions, we have a plan in place to provide a second ride leader to split the ride should numbers dictate. Please note, this will be a BYO refreshments in the first instance. There will be planned toilet stops but the mid ride stop will be an open space for picnicking so if you are planning to attend, don’t forget your sandwiches! Phil then plans to resume rides on the first Sunday of the month commencing 6th June. We also welcome Bill Blanchard who is going to run mid-week rides commencing Wednesday 16th June. Please note that you must be a fully paid up member of both IAM and CVAM to participate in club rides. More details to follow directly from Phil and Bill via members email. Social Events John Owen is planning a social event in May, likely to be an outdoor venue with possibly a take away food concession or BYO picnic. Further details to follow. Super Saturdays For those that are not aware, these are held on the first Saturday of the month at Helmet City, Cheddar. They are an opportunity to chat to fellow bikers and recruit them into the club. We really need some volunteers from the membership to assist in setting up the equipment and spending some time talking about the benefits of advanced riding. Please could you all consider if you are able to give up a couple of hours on a Saturday occasionally, to assist with these events, commencing Saturday 5th June? Please contact me if you are able to assist. Without help from the current members we will find it difficult to keep these going. These events have proved exceptionally successful in the recruitment of new members in the past. Support from IAM – Online Training Modules Associate Members will have received an email from IAM RoadSmart giving access to some online training modules that will help to bridge the gap until their observed runs can begin again, if they haven’t already. Finally, I hope you are all well and look forward to meeting everyone again as soon as it is possible. Shirley Eden Chair - Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists. National Observer 07711257434

  • Rideouts and Social activities are beginning to restart!

    Please keep your eye on “Upcoming Events” (below) and the Events Programme (under the “Events” dropdown above).

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  • Training | CVAM

    TRAINING Remain confident and in control Training begins with enrolment on the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Rider Course . The course teaches five phases of advanced riding; information, position, speed, gear and acceleration, so regardless of whether you’re navigating country lanes, busy roads, or tackling the challenging British weather, you have the skills and knowledge to remain confident and in control. Safety is part of the advanced riding programme, but it also encourages you to feel confident on the road, to make good progress, and to get even greater enjoyment from the experience. This training is provided by CVAM as your local IAM Roadsmart group. Who is Advanced Rider training for? Anyone who has held a full UK motorcycle licence for over 3 months and has a motorcycle that is fully insured and legally roadworthy can join IAM Roadsmart. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, what bike you ride, how long you have been riding, or how old you are. What does training involve? For Associates joining us and aiming to take the Advanced Motorcycle Test, we have a team of qualified Observers keen to pass on their knowledge of advanced riding. Observed Rides An Observer is allocated to each new Associate and observed rides are arranged at the convenience of the Associate and his or her Observer. ​ As many observed rides will take place as necessary until the Associate has progressed to test standard. This usually takes between 6 and 12 rides depending on experience, aptitude etc. but it doesn’t cost anything over and above the joining fee as the Observers are all volunteers. We do suggest, however, that a contribution to the Observers’ petrol and running costs should be offered at up to £10 for each ride. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Observed Rides usually last for about an hour (but can be longer at the Observer’s/Associate’s convenience), after which a full discussion and debrief takes place. Total time will therefore usually be about two hours. We also organise theory sessions throughout the year covering the principles of advanced riding techniques which are all based on the Police Roadcraft System of Motorcycle Control. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Associate Theory Days Associate Theory Days are provided for new Associates, Observers and any existing Associates who would like to attend again. This training is provided by CVAM Observers and is a pre-requisite for completing the theoretical side of the Advanced Rider training. Places need to be booked and details for dates for the next session will be found on our Events Programme page. Member Training Days Member training days are arranged at several times during the year for members who have already passed their Advanced Test to come along and refresh their skills. These days offer opportunities to: get an assessment of your riding by having an observed ride with one of our Observers, attend theory sessions, practice slow riding skills. We also welcome friends and prospective members to come along too. Check the Events Programme for the next scheduled Member Training Day. Under 30s Training If you are under 30, we offer a limited number of sponsored training places. You will receive your Advanced Rider training at 50% off the normal rate. Terms and Conditions apply - please contact our Treasurer for futher details. Further training The Development Tree provides an overview of the development of Advanced rider training and the Personal and Club training process. This can be viewed here: ​ Development Tree IAM Masters qualification Want to go further? The IAM RoadSmart Masters standard offers the ultimate challenge for civilian riders and is available to current full IAM Roadsmart members through CVAM. ​

  • Contact | CVAM

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