Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists

Recent Joiners & Passers

welcome congratulations
James Fowler

Alan Blythe (Rejoin)

Alan Sutton
Antony  Starr
Tony Sykes

Joined October 2019

Christopher Singleton
Nathan  Barrow
Magali Epin
Chris Hewett
Martin  Clifford

Joined September 2019

Sam Brooks
Colin Ferguson

Joined August 2019

Paul  Kennedy
Graham  Isherwood
Max Sheppard
Sarah Knox
Catherine Sharpe
Jason Knox

Joined July 2019

Dean Robertson joined June 2019

Peter Wright joined April 2019

John Alexander joined February 2019

David Sheen joined February 2019

Chris Mitchel joined February 2019

Phil Scovell, Peter Ford, John Owen and Rich Jones passed their Masters test with the IAM and all achieved a Distinction

Martin Clifford, Paul Kennedy, Mike Harrison, Paul Thomson and Henry Cullingford (SAM) passed their test on 03 November 2019 at the Crammers weekend held 2/ 3rd November. Well done to them and their observers.

Martin Wilkinson passed his test on 12 Sep 2019 and  to his Observer Rich Reeves

Colin Male passed his test on 11 Sep 2019 and to his observer Mike Olding

Peter Laws passed his test on 16 July 2019 (F1RST) and to his observer Bob Samwell

Paul Hudson passed his test, (F1RST), on 25 May 2019, and to his Observer Chris Poolman
Elizabeth Fishwick passed her test, 25 May 2019, and to her Observer Chris Poolman

Ian Phillips passed his test on 20 April 2019 and to his observer Tony Field

John Owen, John Clark and Mike Callum on becoming Observers with CVAM, with thanks to Mike Olding, Mark Blackburn and Coron Wybrow for providing Observer training support

Les Trudgian on becoming an Observer with CVAM , with thanks to Shirley Eden for providing him Observer training support

Graham Wotton passed his test on 12 January 2019, and to his observer Coron Wybrow.