Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists

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welcome congratulations
Richard Spittal, joined August 18

Graham Wootton, joined 18/9/18

Daniel Booth, joined 18/9/18

Martin Wilkinson, joined 10/9/18

Kenneth Davies, joined 23/8/18

Paul Hudson, joined 8/5/18

Michael Fitzsimons, joined 8/5/18

Craig Denny, joined 4/5/18

Gary Lee, joined 4/5/18

Peter Stirling, joined 10/4/18

David Harris, joined 17/3/18

Nigel Woodberry, joined 8/3/18

Martin Hockley, joined 5/3/18

Tracey Weisner, joined 25/2/18

Stephan Morgan, joined 20/2/18

Peter Beange, joined 20/2/18

Tim Doyle, joined 18/2/18

Steve Rogers, joined 13/2/18

Tom Bugler, joined 6/12/17

Jim Dourneen, joined 30/11/17

Nigel Woodberry,
Tracey Weisner (F1RST),
Charles Sutton (F1RST),
Martin Hockley,
David Harris,
Tim Doyle (F1RST),
Craig Denny,
Mike Coates,
Tom Bugler,
Andy Arnott,all passed their test on 14/10/18

Michael Fitzsimons, passed his test 18/8/18, and to your Observer Tony Field

Matthew Kelly passed his test 30/6/18 with a F1RST, and to your Observer Chris Poolman

Jim Dourneen passed his test 14/6/18, and to your Observer Wilf Hodgson

Steve Rogers passed his test 10/6/18 with a F1RST, and to your Observer

Shirley Eden passed her National Observer test on 26/5/18

Geoff Cornelius, passed his test 13/4/18, and to your Observer Tony Field

Andrew Baker, passed his test 7/4/18, and to your Observer Nick Schroeter

Dave Evans, passed his test 10/2/18, and to your Observer Dave Ingle

Pat Griffin, passed his test 11/2/18 with a F1RST, and to your Observer Mike Olding