Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists

Recent Joiners & Passers

welcome congratulations
Peter Laws, joined 11 February 2019

Ian Phillips, joined December 18
Elizabeth Fishwick, joined December 18

Mark Fishwick, joined November 18

Paul Thomson, joined November 18

Andy Holyoake, joined November 18

Nick Keevil, joined November 18

Richard Spittal, joined August 18

Graham Wootton, joined 18/9/18

Daniel Booth, joined 18/9/18

Martin Wilkinson, joined 10/9/18

Kenneth Davies, joined 23/8/18

Paul Hudson, joined 8/5/18

Michael Fitzsimons, joined 8/5/18

Craig Denny, joined 4/5/18

Gary Lee, joined 4/5/18

Graham Wotton passed his test on 12 January 2019, and to his observer Coron Wybrow.

Richard Spittal passed his test on 01 December 2018, and to his observer Wilf Hodgson.

Nigel Woodberry,
Tracey Weisner (F1RST),
Charles Sutton (F1RST),
Martin Hockley,
David Harris,
Tim Doyle (F1RST),
Craig Denny,
Mike Coates,
Tom Bugler,
Andy Arnott,all passed their test on 14/10/18Michael Fitzsimons, passed his test 18/8/18, and to your Observer Tony Field

Matthew Kelly passed his test 30/6/18 with a F1RST, and to your Observer Chris Poolman

Jim Dourneen passed his test 14/6/18, and to your Observer Wilf Hodgson

Steve Rogers passed his test 10/6/18 with a F1RST, and to your Observer

Shirley Eden passed her National Observer test on 26/5/18

Geoff Cornelius, passed his test 13/4/18, and to your Observer Tony Field

Andrew Baker, passed his test 7/4/18, and to your Observer Nick Schroeter

Dave Evans, passed his test 10/2/18, and to your Observer Dave Ingle

Pat Griffin, passed his test 11/2/18 with a F1RST, and to your Observer Mike Olding