Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists

Smile! You can help Group funds

CVAM is now part of the Amazon Smile scheme, whereby a percentage of your future Amazon purchases is donated to the Group at no cost to yourself. Please consider joining up – it really is very painless.Visit the link below or look under Resources/Amazon Smile on the website.

COVID-19 Riding Guidelines

If you have read your latest IAM newsletter you may have seen that it includes a link to the most recent riding guidelines issued by a group of interested bodies (including the IAM). For your convenience there is a copy here.

Associate Membership – Covid 19

IAM are in the process of contacting all associates who have not yet taken their test to make them aware they have advised groups to suspend observed runs, driving and riding tests and assessments and local group meetings and social gatherings. IAM are also advising Associates that should their annual membership expire, IAM will extend … Read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – CVAM Group advice

We have received official guidance from the IAM regarding the current stance to be taken in relation to Covid 19. Having discussed matters with the CVAM committee, the current position of the club is as follows: Stop observed runs UNLESS the Observer and Associate agree to continue – this is for individuals to decide. Stop … Read more

CVAM Newsletter December 2019

This is a brief newsletter, firstly to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, and secondly, to update you all with committee changes following the recent AGM and to give you a idea of where we see the club going in 2020.The new committee would like to thank the … Read more