Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists

Guest Speaker David Gallagher at April social night

At our Social night on Monday 9th April, following the Chairman’s game of stand up-sit down (!), CVAM’s guest speaker was Dave Gallagher, IAM Roadsmart’s Young Driver’s Ambassador.

Dave gave an entertaining and enlightening presentation on his role and the IAM’s approach to encourage young drivers and riders to consider their own and others’ road safety.  Particular points of note were on the perception among the populace that the IAM is, to put it bluntly, full of old fogies banging on about the irresponsibility of the young ‘uns on the road.

Dave is trying to change this perception by taking a non-critical approach when discussing road safety within schools, colleges and in general with young drivers.  Getting the driver to think about what other drivers are doing that could affect their safety, rather than pointing out what they are doing wrong is an approach that  does seem to be gaining results.  We can all learn a lesson from that approach. Also, using terms like road skills instead of road safety and providing targeted on-line learning modules and ‘apps’ (stuff that works with those mobile phonesmarts thingies) further provides an encouraging and positive experience for those that may be reserved in approaching IAM groups in the first place.

A further useful, if possibly macabre web site was introduced – – which shows historically, accidents  across the UK.  The black symbols on the website can be a stark reminder that we should not get complacent on the roads we regularly use.

The IAM continue to strive to meet the organisation’s charter promoting road safety and if there is one take away from the talk it is that as a group we should promote a positive and approachable environment to encourage our recruitment of those not as “experienced” as most of the CVAM demographic.   Spread the word.

Cheers,  JohnO
CVAM Social Secretary